Identity Access Management

Identity management (IdM), also known as identity and access management (IAM or IdAM), is a framework of policies and technologies that guarantees appropriate access of technology resources to only the authorized people in an enterprise.

In today’s digitally-powered ecosystems, Identity and Access Management solutions have become critical to upholding strict security standards and meet the rigorous and complex regulatory compliance requirements.

Identity management (ID management) is the organizational process for identifying, authenticating and authorizing individuals or groups of people to have access to applications, systems or networks by associating user rights and restrictions with established identities.

Identity management (IdM) is the task of controlling information about users on computers. Amongst many other details, it includes:

  • Data that authenticate the identity of users
  • Information that describes the data users are authorized to access
  • Instructions that describe the actions users are allowed to perform
  • Management of descriptive information about the user and how and by whom that information can be accessed and modified
  • In addition to users, managed entities typically include hardware and network resources and even applications

Create A Customized And Integrated Course Of Action For Managing And Authenticating Identities And Authorization Of Access.


IAG UeX is a customized version of the IAM that provides IAM features enriched with profile pictures for easy identification. With customization of Modules in IdentityIQ, it is designed to simplify your work by making it fast, efficient, visually-rich and easy-to-navigate.

Ease-of-use for the end user is of top priority. Purely the reason why this product offers personalized screens. With our product, end users can now perform any request for any resource with minimal navigation.

It also provides direct links right on the Dashboard to navigate to the different modules in SailPoint in a profound manner. The features of this Plugin can be tailor-made as per client’s need requirements, budget and timeline.

IAG UeX is power-packed with a host of features.

  • It integrates Users’ Profile Pictures into the IdentityIQ for different modules
  • It replicates the Accesses from one identity to another with an approval process
  • It displays Identity Details at a glance in a 360° view
  • Supports a custom reporting model to easily view the identity details like attributes, accounts, roles, entitlements events, history, etc.
  • New Password Management module with a user image embedded

Enhance Your Identity Access Management Platform With A Visually Rich And Easy-to-Navigate Interface.

IAG Automation Suite ©

IAG Automation Suite efficiently automates testing, which helps reduce the feedback cycle to bring faster validation. It is a plugin that integrates seamlessly with SailPoint.

It plays a crucial role in automating test with unparalleled precision that results in saving time and effort. The verification done through UI and SailPoint API makes the test results remarkably reliable.


  • This in-house product of Bridgesoft includes the automation of all the OOB SailPoint modules.
  • As a web application, this plugin supports different navigation tabs with modules automated on par with SailPoint menus.
  • It allows you to add a new test case using Add Test Case functionality using pre-defined templates.
  • It also entitles you to edit the test data using Edit Test Case functionality.
  • We have a powerful regression box feature to launch ‘n’ number of test cases parallelly at once, where each time three to four test cases can be launched in 3 to 4 different browsers to support parallel execution of test cases.
  • This product leverages the health check for IIQ by displaying the number of identities, number of open DB connections, top five users with multiple accounts on a single target, java properties for the IIQ server, health of the server, number of uncorrelated accounts, etc.
  • It generates HTML reports for easy understanding.