Software Development Life Cycle

Life Cycle

Java Development Solutions

Our customers have relied on our understanding and expertise of Java technologies supported with a commitment to keeping up with the ever changing Java technology landscape. We help our clients choose the right Java architecture; following tried and tested approaches to build robust and scalable Java applications:

Our Java development solutions can help you with:

    • Java Web Development
    • Java Application Development
    • Java Software Development
    • Enterprise Java Development
    • Java Mobile Development
    • Java Migration
    • Custom Java Development

Testing Solutions

In an era of highly interactive and responsive software processes where many organizations are using some form of Agile methodology, test automation is frequently becoming a requirement for software projects. Test automation is often the answer. Test automation means using a software tool to run repeatable tests against the application to be tested. For regression testing this provides that responsiveness.

Test automation has specific advantages for improving the long-term efficiency of a software team’s testing processes. Test automation supports:

Frequent regression testing:

    • Rapid feedback to developers
    • Virtually unlimited iterations of test case execution
    • Support for Agile and extreme development methodologies
    • Disciplined documentation of test cases
    • Customized defect reporting
    • Finding defects missed by manual testing